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We provide a wide range of used and brand new spare parts at extremely competitive prices. We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing all the Japanese motor spare part solutions under one roof. Not only do we cater to customers requiring modern spare parts, but we are proud to say that we lead the way when it comes to models from the 1980’s and 1990’s.


Your Japanese motor solutions under one roof at Japan Lanka Auto Parts (Pvt) Ltd

We provide every type of Japanese motor spare parts, ranging from Engines, Gear boxes and suspensions to Cabins and Face Cuts. Audio Stereo set ups are also available at our branches. Our specialist mechanics are available on site to fit body parts onto your vehicle upon request.

Delivery of products can be arranged via phone call to 011-2825513/011-2829998. Customers are able to order brand new Japanese spare parts of their requirement by contacting us.

Japan Lanka Auto Parts (Pvt) Ltd

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